Tattoo Artist, Actor, & Author Brandon Garic Notch
Memento Mori by Alexander Mair (1605)
Tattoo Artist, Actor, Storyteller, & Writer Brandon Garic Notch
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Brandon Garic Notch

A Tattooist’s Code of Ethics

- I will provide a clean, safe environment in which to practice. 

- An autoclave sterilizer will be used and maintained in accordance with APT guidelines.

- I will keep my blood borne pathogens training current. 

- I will follow my local, state and federal health regulations. 

- I will not tattoo anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

- I will not conduct myself in a manner that will reflect negatively on my profession. All tools and materials used will be of professional quality. 

- I will make every effort to educate my clients and the general public in what constitutes safe procedure. 

- I will promote safe tattooing within my industry.
- I will provide my clients with written and verbal aftercare instructions. 

- I will perform every tattoo to the best of my ability. 

- I will maintain a professional attitude toward my clients and peers. 

- I will respect the roots, traditions and heritage of my art. 

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Brandon Garic Notch, tattoos for the serious collector.

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